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This is a big one!!


Every $100 per order = 1 Raffle Ticket

Once you receive a raffle ticket it will remain in the pool for the 25 days

Drawing is at the beginning of every day

December 1Lady Lori Candy Bar
          Robert M    
December 2
2g Of Flower​
Ben O
December 3

1g Of Concentrate

John O
December 42 Bags Of GummiesEvan S
December 52 1g PrerollsJen R
December 61/8 FlowerJason T
December 74g Of Concentrates (limit 1 sauce)Kristine D
December 8Bong Or RigAllin B
December 9$40 Emerald BucksPaige P
December 10Glass Debowler and 1/8 of flower
December 114 TKO Vape Cartridges
December 122 Lemonades & 2 Brownies
December 13Kandy Pen & Cartridge of Choice
December 14Permanent 10% Discount
December 15Smorgasbord
December 16$50 Emerald Bucks
December 17CBD Gift Bag
December 18$100 Emerald Bucks
December 191/2 Of Flower
December 207g Concentrate (limit 2 sauces)
December 211oz Of Flower
December 22$150 Gift Card
December 23

December 24

December 25