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Every $100 per order = 1 Raffle Ticket entered at the end of day drawing.

Once you receive a raffle ticket it will remain in the pool for the 25 days

Drawing is at the beginning of every day

December 23

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December 4

Stephen G -Methuen

​Terry B - Salem

Norman M - Lexington

Michael C - Watertown

​Mark G - Easthampton

Matt D - Billerica

​Claude K - Lexington

Thomas C - Newton

​Kathryn K -Andover

​Shelley P -Southbury

Eric S -Haverhill

​Patrick P -Lynn

​Chris V -Jerrferson

​Milo G -Waltham

Raquel K -Methuen

​Mason F -Beverly

​Tanya R -Rockport

​Dylan G -Derby

Melanie G -Haverhill

​Domenic M -Woburn

Maxwell C -Lynnfield

Justin C -Saugus

​Andrew W -Watertown

Will C -Maynard

Pedro T -Marlborough

December 2

Candy bar

2g of Flower

3g of Concentrates

2 Bags of Edipure

3 Triple Hex Prerolls

1/8 of Flower

7g of Concentrates

Bong or Rig

Make Your Own Preroll Bag

Glass Debowler

4 Vape Cartridges

Rick Simpson Oil

420 Goody Box

1 Year Subscription to High Times


$50 Gift Card

EVOD vape pen & 1g of Wax

Bong or Rig

1/2 of Flower

14g Concentrate

1oz of Flower

$100 Gift Card

​December 1